Best Solutions When You Are Struggling With Excel Exercises

At the basic level, using Excel spreadsheets is not necessarily all that complicated. It is just a matter of plugging in numbers into the cells, right? Well, when you dig deeper, you will discover that is a whole lot more to the features than mere data entry. If you are not sure how to utilize the capabilities of Excel, he experts at offer Excel help online that can help you achieve the results you need. They can handle everything from introductory-level problem sets to complicated projects that require a significant amount of time to prepare.

Let us face it; if you do not have a strong background in using Excel, you are not going to be able to complete the projects yourself. There would be nothing worse than to spend hours plugging in data and commands only to end up with figures that make no sense. In addition, if you have never used any of Excel’s advanced features, good luck trying to solve any of your homework assignments. On the other hand, for a reasonable price, you can receive and a professional expert will complete all of your Excel-related tasks for you. Before we offer you more details, check out some of Excel’s features that students need to know about while they work on their assignments.

Key Excel Features that Are Typically Found in Projects and Homework

Cell Reference

When you copy formulas between links and Excel cells, it is important that you are able to thoroughly comprehend how absolute and relative cell references work.

Converting Between Data Types

Sometimes you will encounter an unusual data format that needs to be converted into one that Excel can recognize. Along the same lines, you might be asked to convert numbers stored as text into numbers.

Data Input

When you do Excel homework, inputting data into spreadsheets is regarded as one of the most basic features. There are many ways in which you can enter numbers into the spreadsheet, but using various shortcuts is the way in which most users do it since it is efficient and saves time.

Dates and Times

One of Excel’s useful features is the ability to store dates and times numerically. This will clearly help students when their task requires them to incorporate dates and times.


When you are given an Excel project, you will almost certainly be required to work with large amounts of data. Filtering option allows you to search for and work with a subset. You have the option to use the advanced filter and excel auto filter.


It is important to recognize that the purpose of Excel formatting goes beyond merely making the spreadsheets look pretty. They also need to appear clear, professional and understandable to the viewer. This feature also allows you to modify the way the data is interpreted. Of course, you would want to make sure that you are using proper formatting as any mistake can lead to the misinterpretation of the data, which potentially disastrous or at least embarrassing results.


Excel gives you the ability to insert hyperlinks into one spreadsheet that can instantly take you to another spreadsheet. This is perfect if you want to create a table of contents.

Key Board Shortcuts

If you are learning how to use Excel, you will benefit greatly if you familiarized yourself with the basic keyboard shortcuts, especially for the actions that you most regularly perform. This will make the task easier and will save time as well.

Pivot Tables

If you have a lot of data to analyze, a pivot table is a time-saving way to summarize all of the information.

View Options

Excel gives you the chance to zoom in or out of a particular spreadsheet along with displaying formulas. If you want to be able to use Excel properly, you will undoubtedly need to be able to understand how to do this feature.


Excel offers a built-in subtotals command that allows the user to display the figures. Much like a lot of the other features, this saves the user time.

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